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The All Out Assault Against God

The last days have been described in many ways as an era of deception, delusion, lawlessness, immorality and apostasy.  All of which are true, but at the end of the day, all of these descriptions could be seen as an all out assault against God.

It seems that everything that could be released into our society has now been released. There are few if any restraints anymore, and everything is accepted. The three big assaults against God today fall into these categories:

  • Immorality: the sin against ourselves
  • Idolatry: the sin against God
  • Lawlessness: the sin against society or others

These three seem to dominate the assault against God, and nothing is sacred. In fact, even the religious world has become twisted and has turned into something that is not supported by the scriptures. Perversion and twisted thinking rule our day, and it seems to grow darker every day. I spoke to a young man recently about his ideas of God and death. He said he was an atheist and when it came to death, he believed we turn back into energy to be used again to create life. Basically, life is a great big recycling plan. Now he is entitled to his beliefs, but this is how we have reduced life down to a flow of energy that gets recharged every time someone dies.

I would never trade a personal God for a recycling plan. Jesus came to reveal the heart and nature of God and to give us sinful creatures an opportunity to know God on a one-to-one basis. I would rather opt out for this rather than just flowing along in an energy mass.

Our enemy, the evil angel of light Satan, has a good strategy going. Confuse everyone so nothing is understood anymore. Release the worst possible philosophies and worldviews that could possibly be thought up and make them mainstreamed and normalized. Take everything that was foundational in thought, belief and practice and challenge it. Eliminate all common sense factors and insert the bizarre. In time the bizarre becomes the norm and common sense is no longer practiced.

Christians who sit week after week in churches that aren’t challenging believers in the matters I am writing today are doing themselves a disservice. This is another ploy of the evil one. Make Christianity more about being pleasant and non-threatening and you will make their message less about Christ and more about public relations. How do we get more people to like us?  Christianity has never been as mild mannered as we find it today. Now I am not talking about being coarse and crude, but I am talking about us acknowledging and discussing this great assault against God. This of course means that any assault against God means it is also an assault against you and what you believe.

The way we practice Christianity needs an overhaul. We see Black Lives Matter people willing to block freeways and other public transportation systems just to get their message heard, and yet we have a hard time getting people to pray.

We have people today calling for the assassination of our president and willing to go protest to the point of going to jail, yet the church is fairly silent on all of it. We don’t want to make anybody mad or upset with us because it would ruin our testimony for Christ. Yet all the while the assault against God continues and the church by and large is asleep.

Someone told me the other day I needed to tone it down in these blogs. Well I’ve got news for them - I just got started. Here’s one to criticize: The Church is backslidden away from the truth, and most pastors should resign because they haven’t got a clue as to what their role is, or how to fulfill it.

Pastors you need to realize you may not be liked in the way a politician will be liked and if that is what you want, go shake hands and run for office. You are called to be a prophet and most of them were not popular.  All believers are under assault today and most of our leaders say nothing. They don’t acknowledge it, they don’t give any help to stand against it, and God forbid they ask us to push back.

People tell me all time I need to get back and be active in a church. Are you kidding?  You read my blogs - what church would want me? 

I am not being mean nor am I just an angry old man. I am sounding an alarm. You and your God are under assault.  If nothing else, be aware of it and if we had the guts we could talk more about it and pray for God to lead us.

I have talked a lot recently about raising the bar in my life to be the best I possibly can be and this blog is just one of these measurements that I want to raise.

Just saying……..

Keeping it honest and truthful…K


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