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When Politics Become God

Romans 1:26

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions.

As I have listened to talk radio and watched TV news I hear the same story over and over and over again. We have to stop the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, and begin to work toward a better America, not a divided America. Even though that is true, the problem isn’t in our divisions, the problem lies within our refusal to honor God. God is the one who has turned us over to our passions and passions without God will end up in what happened in Alexandria, Virginia this week. Politics in general spins things out of control, and there is no way to stop the ramifications of these political views. Social media and media are the virus carriers, and I blame them for the hatred that is being promoted.

When we have comedians like Stephen Colbert building his comedy routine around Trump every night, it’s dishonest and disrespectful and encourages viewers to hate Trump.  There is no middle ground anymore, you are either left or right, and there is nothing in between. The level of political frustration is at the highest it has ever been, and it is caused by the hype of what is said through these media outlets. Personally I believe it is designed this way by the left to keep people agitated so much by hearing the negative spin that they are hoping it will move our frustration to changing the administration in the next election. 

Most politicians also contribute to the unrest because they are so focused on being partisan that nothing gets done for the sake of the country, it is always done for the sake of their party. None of this is new as politics have always divided people, but in the past there was always some kind of moral base that kept people sane. Today that base is gone and what has replaced it is a self-centeredness that wants its own way. Many of my spiritual mentors in the 1970’s said that the division between what is right and what is wrong would continue to split our society. Eventually there would be no middle ground, you will have to be on the left or on the right, and there is no room for anyone in between. Were they right? Many of those early mentors went on to say that the truth would be compromised in most churches, and ministry would become a self-promoting entity that focused upon good public relations. Pastors would not rightly divide the truth of God, but use it to promote an agenda of their interest. They also said that the divide would continue to grow between people and all spiritual emphasis between light and darkness would mingle into gray. 

Those early mentors also said that in order for the church to gain any foothold in society again we would need to see a significant revival in our society. That revival would be based upon the cross, the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the denial of self, a return to fearing God and a strong belief that Jesus would return soon. 

This revival is not about power, signs and wonders, (even though that may happen) it is about a heart change. Signs and wonders are only confirmations that God is at work, but the real change must come from within. A transformation must take place where God is once again sitting on the throne of a person’s heart, and then we have a chance to make a difference in our world

Like anything in life that is worthwhile, it takes sacrifice and hard work. Taking time to pray, seeking God to change our lives, making us self aware of our own sinful ways, bringing us to repentance, and then committing ourselves to a life of serving Jesus. That is hard work and full of sacrifice, but without it we become like children at play, only concerned about the next game we want to play. 

Romans 1:26

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions.

Keeping it honest and truthful..K

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