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A Generation of Excuses

Luke 14:24 “For none of those I first invited will get even the smallest taste of my banquet.'"

Jesus was using a parable, a lesson that was directed at Israel. They were invited to a very special dinner and those initially invited (Israel), had excuses as to why they could not come:

  • I have to look after the land I just bought
  • I have to look after the animals I just bought
  • I have just been married and I need to look after her

All of life was a big excuse. So the man went to the highways and common areas of the town and invited the most unlikely people in to his special dinner.

I hear excuses every day from all kinds of people, including myself, about things that are difficult to face. There was a man I knew that loved to complain about others, nothing was ever right with other people and his complaining never ceased.  Then one day he got wind that he was being accused of something and was the talk of the town. He was so angry that he gave every excuse in the book to prove he was innocent of what was being said about him. He may have been innocent of what he was being accused of, but he was not innocent of reaping what he had been sowing for years. People who live by the sword will die by the sword, and God will not be mocked. If you live to sow excuses for your behavior, attitude, or negative thinking, you will reap the wrath of those excuses by being accused. An excuse is the language of a coward because he does not want to face the responsibility of being honest. How many times have we made an excuse to get out of a commitment and our excuse sounded better than the truth of, “I just don’t want to go?”  Our country has become a nation of excuses. No one in Washington, DC will take the blame for the mess our country is in, because it is always the other party’s fault.  Wouldn’t it be great if both parties admitted to being part of the problem, and swear an oath to stop blaming and start fixing what is wrong?   All we hear out of Washington these days is blame, and a tirade of excuses as to why we can’t fix healthcare, voter fraud, media bias, leaks, and premeditated lies to destroy the elected officials who the voters put into office.

I hate excuses and even though I get caught using them at times, I hate myself for it. It is time we stop using excuses and tell the truth and move forward in doing what we know is right, all the time. My wife taught me a lesson the other day. We ordered some ceiling lights to go into our bedroom and a set came and we were happy. A few days later another set came and we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to return them. In fact, there was no record of a charge, no return labels, nothing. So, I just said, “well let’s just keep them since there is no way to make this right.” “No,” she said, “It’s not right.”  She persisted hour after hour and finally got someone to help her return them. You see, my excuse was “well, there is no way to return them, so let’s give up and keep them.”  “We are not stealing them, we just can’t find a way to return them.” Excuses are never justifications for not doing what is right. However, we make excuses all the time in not treating people right, or making things right.

There will be no excuses when we come before Jesus on judgment day. He will know our motives, He will not entertain the excuses, and He will award us according to the honesty we demonstrated in our lives. I have prayed for more self-awareness in my life, being aware of my shortsightedness that usually is the reason for an excuse to be born. I want to live free from an excuse-driven life, and face the truth on all accounts in all relationships, starting first with my family.

How about you?  Have you ever been disgusted with how dishonest you can become and make excuses just to save face?

The story Jesus told had grave ramifications to Israel because her excuse cost her the recognition of her Messiah.  Our excuse may not have that grave of an implication, but the dishonesty of an excuse can have its problems.

Keeping it honest and truthful…..K

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